Snow Day Favorites

In North Carolina we have mild yet random winters. One day it can be sunny and 60˚. A few days later there could be a few inches of snow on the ground. I like to call it the flip flop, Ugg effect. Flip flops one day, Uggs the next.

Being a state that gets only about three snows a year, we have a small amount of city snow removal equipment unlike our northern neighboring states. Thus, leaving us with school closings and stuck at home days.

So today is one of those days. It is our second snow of this winter season. What shall we do with ourselves? Here are a few ideas that have worked well for my little ones and my mommy sanity.

  1. Embrace the day and go outside! Bundle up and enjoy the powdery fun. Kids instinctively love it! Plus, it is great exercise for all. Meaning everyone will rest well later. One other thing about North Carolina, snow rarely sticks around for more than two days. So take advantage of it while you can!  snow sledding 2017
  2. Introduce new traditions that you only do when it snows. Be creative. I won’t leave you hanging though! Here are a few starters if you need: make snow cream, hot cocoa bar, bake a special snow day treat, or make bird feeders. One of my favorite ideas is to go on a snow nature walk. Look for animal tracks and see how different things look covered in snow (this is especially cool at dark). Hanging Pinecone
  3. Pull out board games, have Lego building challenges, or have a dance off. Plus check out a few other indoor fun ideas from this article I wrote for Triad Moms on Main.
  4. Pop some popcorn and have a movie-thon. Watch your old favorites or find something new. Cozy up with your favorite soft blankets and simple enjoy being together.
  5. Declutter! Being stuck at home is a perfect time to go through and get rid of old, unused, broken and no longer relative items in our home. Get the kids involved. They most likely just received many new toys, clothes and other items for Christmas. Have them go through their room and let them decide what they want to throw out or donate.

As I write and watch the snow fall outside my window, I’m deciding which of these activities we will do today. I know without a doubt we will spend plenty of time playing outside. But when we come in I foresee some time taken to declutter. Most likely we’ll end the day cuddled on the couch with some books and probably a movie.

I hope you all have fun on this snow day! Please comment with your ideas for snow day fun. I look forward to seeing all of your ideas! Be safe you all!


Plaid, Pearls & Toddler stains

Noah in the snow 2017