Loving it Friday

It’s a new year with new stuff to love!

I hope this first PP&Ts blog of the year finds you all well. December in my house is a whirlwind, like I’m sure it is for most all of you. Besides keeping up with regular day-to-day life, we have other obligations that are associated with the holiday season. Holiday decorating, festive events, gift shopping and wrapping, family/friend gatherings and extra baking/cooking to just name a few.

I have gotten good about not putting too much on myself and my family during the holidays but as you know any extra “stuff” can add stress to our lives. That is why I was so glad my hubby and I (no kiddos) got to take a date afternoon a few days after Christmas. The restaurant that we went to for dinner actually made this list. If you are local to the Triad I highly recommend trying it out.

I didn’t really set any New Year’s resolutions for myself this year. How often do they truly pan out anyhow?? But I have pledged myself to being more consistent in areas of my life that I’m already committed. Those three things are: eat right and more regular in my workouts, adding more experiences to our (my family & friends) lives and finally, consistency with posting here on Plaid, Pearls & Toddler stains. I purchased a handy planner to help me with all this. That also made today’s list.

So without further ado, here are my top favorite things for this first week of 2017. Continue reading