Top 5 Things I Love About Autumn

I am a summer child through and through but I admit there are a few aspects of the fall season I adore. Honestly, I love fall in NC because I get many of the great fall joys without extreme cold weather. My only real beef with fall is the fact that winter is the following season. Winter and I just don’t mesh. But I digress; fall is the topic at hand. So here they are my top 5 faves of this season.

  1. Plaid, obviously! The season is finally here to breakout the Tartan and all the other beautiful plaid color combinations.
  2. Pumpkin! Yes, I am one of the pumpkin obsessed junkies. But don’t start hating yet because I actually try to enjoy my love of pumpkin all year long. It just happens to be easier this time of year.
  3. The changing of the leaves. I have a love/hate feeling with this. It is so beautiful for a short period of time (this is the part I love). But then I feel sad that soon they will fall and everything will look, well, dead.
  4. Decorating my home. It thrills me to put out fall decorations because the colors and smells are warm and inviting. It brings out the endearing feelings of family, love and thankfulness.
  5. Halloween movies. What I mean by Halloween movies is probably not what you’re imagining. I am a chicken and cannot handle the horror, demonic and gore filled ones. I look forward and am a nut for movies like Hocus Pocus, Twitches and Halloweentown. LOL Don’t judge. ;-D


I hope you share with us your favorites about fall. Happy Autumn!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains