8 Ways to “Happily” Make it Through the Winter

I feel fortunate that winters in North Carolina are mild. Yet, I am a warm weather girl so it can be hard for me to keep my mood and attitude on the happy side when it’s cold outside.

Sadly, it has taking me a few years to recognize my mood difference during winter and then it took me a few more to figure out how to get out of the cold weather funk.

Here are 8 ways that I have found that help me keep a smile on my face and happiness in my heart when the temperatures start dropping. Continue reading

Loving it Friday

It’s a new year with new stuff to love!

I hope this first PP&Ts blog of the year finds you all well. December in my house is a whirlwind, like I’m sure it is for most all of you. Besides keeping up with regular day-to-day life, we have other obligations that are associated with the holiday season. Holiday decorating, festive events, gift shopping and wrapping, family/friend gatherings and extra baking/cooking to just name a few.

I have gotten good about not putting too much on myself and my family during the holidays but as you know any extra “stuff” can add stress to our lives. That is why I was so glad my hubby and I (no kiddos) got to take a date afternoon a few days after Christmas. The restaurant that we went to for dinner actually made this list. If you are local to the Triad I highly recommend trying it out.

I didn’t really set any New Year’s resolutions for myself this year. How often do they truly pan out anyhow?? But I have pledged myself to being more consistent in areas of my life that I’m already committed. Those three things are: eat right and more regular in my workouts, adding more experiences to our (my family & friends) lives and finally, consistency with posting here on Plaid, Pearls & Toddler stains. I purchased a handy planner to help me with all this. That also made today’s list.

So without further ado, here are my top favorite things for this first week of 2017. Continue reading

Top 5 Things I Love About Autumn

I am a summer child through and through but I admit there are a few aspects of the fall season I adore. Honestly, I love fall in NC because I get many of the great fall joys without extreme cold weather. My only real beef with fall is the fact that winter is the following season. Winter and I just don’t mesh. But I digress; fall is the topic at hand. So here they are my top 5 faves of this season.

  1. Plaid, obviously! The season is finally here to breakout the Tartan and all the other beautiful plaid color combinations.
  2. Pumpkin! Yes, I am one of the pumpkin obsessed junkies. But don’t start hating yet because I actually try to enjoy my love of pumpkin all year long. It just happens to be easier this time of year.
  3. The changing of the leaves. I have a love/hate feeling with this. It is so beautiful for a short period of time (this is the part I love). But then I feel sad that soon they will fall and everything will look, well, dead.
  4. Decorating my home. It thrills me to put out fall decorations because the colors and smells are warm and inviting. It brings out the endearing feelings of family, love and thankfulness.
  5. Halloween movies. What I mean by Halloween movies is probably not what you’re imagining. I am a chicken and cannot handle the horror, demonic and gore filled ones. I look forward and am a nut for movies like Hocus Pocus, Twitches and Halloweentown. LOL Don’t judge. ;-D


I hope you share with us your favorites about fall. Happy Autumn!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains

Loving it Friday – Life Made Simple

Like most moms, I love anything that makes my life easy and less worrisome. Such as…

Prepackaged healthy snacks

Shoes that my toddler can put on himself

Short yet effective workouts

Amazon Prime!

Anywhere I need to go that has a Drive-thru

And even my children’s bath wash

That leads me this week’s “Loving it Friday” item. It’s Raise Them Well’s Foaming Baby Wash ‘n Shampoo. I cannot stop singing praises for this Toxic Free find! Continue reading

Loving it Friday

It’s finally Friday and the end of September! I know I know where did the month go? I feel like I blinked on September 1st and now here I am.

Though it went by too fast, like most months, I did have some enjoyable and fun take-aways from it. I bid my favorite season farewell, welcomed the new one in with a traditional visit to Hawks Pumpkin Patch and had a wonderful time working out and learning with other moms at an event called Mastering the Juggling Act with Momsanity. 20160925_124040

Along the way I found a few things I just love and wanted to share them with you. I also listed an upcoming event that is probably a tradition for most that live in the NC Triad area.

Momsanity Sliders – These are a light weight, easy to take with you, exercising tool. They have become one of my staples in workout equipment. When I incorporate these sliders with workout moves that I do often, I find I work other muscles. Due to my soreness the next day! These sliders are designed to be used on carpet and hard surfaces. I will be going on a beach trip soon and you can be sure these will be tucked into my suitcase! To try them out for yourselves, you can find them on the Momsanity website. 20160815_092927 Continue reading

My Mommy Mental Savers

How is everyone adjusting to their new fall schedules? I know for some of you the kids are back in school or preschool. Some of you have younger children so things may not be much different, schedule wise, as it was in the summer.

Whichever group you fall into, I’m sure you still need some mommy mental breaks! There are days that just never seem to end and we are at our wits end before lunch. For those kinds of days, I have created a list of simple activities that can possible give you a mommy mental save or at least maybe a recharge.

Walk/run – Get those legs moving! Whether you are just taking laps around the house while the kids nap or pulling out the stroller and heading for a sidewalk, getting fresh air and Vitamin D can help clear your mind and kick in some feel good healthy endorphins.

Quiet time – There are days when I just need at least 10-15 minutes of quiet time. No talking, no TV, no anything making noise. This is a great time to meditate, pray, read, draw, and write or anything that helps calm your overworked mind. This time may look different for each mom. You may need to fit it in before the kids wake in the morning, during nap time or in the school pick-up line; where ever you fit it in it is sure to help your mental state. Continue reading

Loving it Friday

It’s Friday again!! I hope everyone has had a great week and looking forward to the weekend.

I have had a busy week but these three things listed below have helped me through it. The Momsanity BCAAs and local coffee helped my energy level and the Munchkin fresh food feeder mesh bags have made feeding the baby snacks a snap!

  1. Momsanity BCAAs – BCAAs stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids. They are important in aiding in your body’s recovery after working out. There are a multitude of BCAAs on the market today, but you are hard pressed to find any that have No extra stimulants, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. But that is exactly what the Momsanity BCAAs offer, all natural ingredients with a yummy taste. What are BCAAs and why do you need them? The Momsanity coaches break it down in easy to understand language. Check out this blog written by Coach Emily that gives more information about “The What’s and Whys of BCAAs”. I personally use the Momsanity BCAAs daily and give them a high recommendation. 20160909_16074420160909_160803
  2. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder – These small mesh bags are great for feeding your baby foods you normally would fear as a choking hazard. I can now safely give my baby foods like whole grapes, raisins, cucumbers, etc. Plus, their easy to hold handle doubles as a teething ring.

Continue reading