Loving it Friday

It’s finally Friday and the end of September! I know I know where did the month go? I feel like I blinked on September 1st and now here I am.

Though it went by too fast, like most months, I did have some enjoyable and fun take-aways from it. I bid my favorite season farewell, welcomed the new one in with a traditional visit to Hawks Pumpkin Patch and had a wonderful time working out and learning with other moms at an event called Mastering the Juggling Act with Momsanity. 20160925_124040

Along the way I found a few things I just love and wanted to share them with you. I also listed an upcoming event that is probably a tradition for most that live in the NC Triad area.

Momsanity Sliders – These are a light weight, easy to take with you, exercising tool. They have become one of my staples in workout equipment. When I incorporate these sliders with workout moves that I do often, I find I work other muscles. Due to my soreness the next day! These sliders are designed to be used on carpet and hard surfaces. I will be going on a beach trip soon and you can be sure these will be tucked into my suitcase! To try them out for yourselves, you can find them on the Momsanity website. 20160815_092927

Sambal Matah (an Indonesian Salsa) – Not too long ago, a friend of mine posted about this amazing salsa. I trust her opinion so off I went to Trader Joe’s to get myself a jar. SOOOO glad I did! This salsa has just the right amount of kick and it’s not filled with a bunch of sugar and unreadable ingredients. So far, I have used it on chicken and in salads. I especially love it in my salads; it gives it that extra zing! I whole-heartily suggest you get a jar and try it for yourselves.


The Dixie Classic Fair (Winston-Salem, NC) – Starting today through Sunday, October 9, the 134th Annual Dixie Classic Fair is in town! As an adult the fair means different things to me; I enjoy it much differently than when I was a kid. Now I (just like my folks when I was a kid) enjoy the shows, exhibits and the crazy food. I don’t ride rides much anymore but I do love watching my toddler enjoy spinning around and going up and down on the kiddie rides. Just typing that made me dizzy!! For more information about the Dixie Classic Fair, visit their website.

I hope you all enjoy the first weekend of October!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains

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