My Mommy Mental Savers

How is everyone adjusting to their new fall schedules? I know for some of you the kids are back in school or preschool. Some of you have younger children so things may not be much different, schedule wise, as it was in the summer.

Whichever group you fall into, I’m sure you still need some mommy mental breaks! There are days that just never seem to end and we are at our wits end before lunch. For those kinds of days, I have created a list of simple activities that can possible give you a mommy mental save or at least maybe a recharge.

Walk/run – Get those legs moving! Whether you are just taking laps around the house while the kids nap or pulling out the stroller and heading for a sidewalk, getting fresh air and Vitamin D can help clear your mind and kick in some feel good healthy endorphins.

Quiet time – There are days when I just need at least 10-15 minutes of quiet time. No talking, no TV, no anything making noise. This is a great time to meditate, pray, read, draw, and write or anything that helps calm your overworked mind. This time may look different for each mom. You may need to fit it in before the kids wake in the morning, during nap time or in the school pick-up line; where ever you fit it in it is sure to help your mental state.

Prep the night before – When I know we have somewhere to be in the morning, I go ahead and get everything ready and set out the night before. I even pre-make my breakfast because if I don’t that’s what usually doesn’t happen. Also, preparing the night before helps keep me from feeling frazzled and less likely to be short and hurrying the kids in the morning.

Plan healthy snacks and meals – This goes along with the last idea; the better prepared you are the less crazy and hurried you feel. When it comes to food, I personally make much healthier choices when I have them pre-made/prepared and easily accessible. After shopping, go ahead and cut up veggies and fruits so they are ready to grab when you are in a hurry and need a snack. Once a week plan out the weeks dinner plan, that way each afternoon you are not scrambling to figure out what to fix for dinner. See my previous blog on Meal Prepping for more ideas.

Exercise – Even short bursts of workouts can help burn calories. If you only have 10-20 minutes to devote to a workout, that’s okay it will still do wonders for your body and mental clarity. Check out the Momsanity Sisterhood for quick workout ideas. Coaches Debbie and Emily create wonderful quick workouts that fit almost every mommy schedule. Also, you can read my blog 6 Simple Ways to Fit in Exercise for more ideas.

Uninterrupted Play – Go ahead and play with the kids. Give them your undivided attention; put the phone down! Even if it’s just for 15 minutes at a time, it will make their day and in turn make you feel good. I realized if I just took time to give my toddler my uninterrupted attention his mood and mine improved greatly.

I personally know these have saved me on tough days. I hope you find one or more of these ideas helpfully for you too.

And don’t forget to not be so hard on yourselves moms! You are doing a great job!


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