Local Coffee + Mommy Convenience

One of my favorite places to hangout has always been a location that offered coffee and a comfortable place to socialize and work.

In my early 20s it was IHOP late at night and Border’s bookstore during the day, sitting outside in the patio chairs. By the time my 30s hit, coffee shops were more prevalent in the Winston-Salem area so that’s where I went to work, write, socialize and even hold meetings with coworkers and clients.

When I became a mom, I sort of lost the luxury of hanging out at coffee shops (at least not without the little ones) or enjoy their lovely coffee as often. Sadly, most coffee shops do not have one parent convenience that most of the chain coffee places have… a drive-thru.

I’m sure the lack of this fast food component is part of their allure and cozy feeling. I completely understand and get that. Yet…as a mom of two young children, I dream (like I’m sure many moms and dads do) of every place I need and want to go having a drive-thru window! This includes coffee shops.

But wait, have our mommy prayers been answered?


Say “Hello” (if you haven’t yet) to the Coffee Park Airstream! A dream come true, you can get delicious local Krankies coffee from a drive-thru window. 20160422_132933

This makes me happy because I am still supporting a local business and drinking delicious, much needed, coffee. 20160422_133021

Alright parents, I suggest you go by and check them out. The airstream is currently parked at 1208 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem.

Let us know about your Coffee Park Airstream experience. I look forward to hearing from you all!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains

20160422_133557Cheers to you all!!



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