My Top 5 Favorite Summer Movies

Some of my favorite movies are just better watched this time of year because they fit the season. And sometimes I watch these favorites if I want to feel like it’s summertime.

  1. Blue Crush – For me this movie has everything a summer movie should: Girl surfers, sister love, besties, hot jocks and plenty of gorgeous Hawaiian beach scenes.
  2. Independence Day (the original one) – This one for me is nostalgic. It was a summer blockbuster when I was in high school (Yes, I just dated myself!) and I can’t tell you how many times my friends and I went to see it, we even saw it on our beach trip. Great friend memories.
  3. Any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies – Hello, it’s a pirate movie! I love anything pirate but most especially in the summer. It just makes me think of sun, water, boating, pillaging…..err, I mean shopping. ;-p
  4. Jurassic Park (original) – This is another nostalgic one for me and of course another summer blockbuster. I saw it when I was a kid with my family on a trip to New Hampshire. I left the theater in awe of dinosaurs and wanting a Ford Explorer.
  5. Dirty Dancing – Starts as a family summer vacation, then a hot guy is introduced and a summer romance blossoms. Plus it has a great soundtrack with even better dance moves. Oh yea, and “No one puts Baby in the corner!” Need I say more?

One extra

  1. Shag – This one is not as well-known but it was one of my favorites growing up. It’s about four best friends that head to Myrtle Beach after graduation, in the summer of 1963. They have a lot of fun letting loose before they have to truly start “adulthood” and of course there is a Shag dance contest.

What are some of your favorite summer movies? Share your list with us. 🙂

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