Everything but the Kitchen Sink….and the Diapers

You know that old saying when you pack an abundance of things, “brought everything but the kitchen sink”. That’s me. I am typically late getting everywhere because I’m constantly running back into the house for fear I’ve forgotten something.

I have always been this way but with two children in the picture now, this “problem” has only intensified. This is how I am if I’m just running to the grocery store, the park or a friend’s house. So you can only imagine how bad I am if I am taking the kids on a day trip!

The other day I went to visit an old buddy of mine, who just had her second child. They live about two hours away so I planned on this being a day trip with the kids. This is actually the furthest away from home I’ve gone; with both kids by myself (my youngest isn’t quite 3 months old).

To hopefully save some time in the morning, I tried to pack everything the night before. I filled the snack bags, got extra clothes, a bag filled with activities for the toddler, raingear, etc. The next morning I made and packed lunches, loaded the vehicle and doubled checked everything. So I thought.

It was pouring when we got ready to leave and I can’t remember how many times I ran back into the house for something like a backup pacifier, my coffee and my toddler’s favorite stuffed animal. We left about 2 hours later than I had initially planned on but that’s okay because I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. And we did.

So I thought.

We made it to our friend’s house safe and sound. It was actually a smooth trip, with both kids happy. About a half-hour into our visit, I went to change the baby’s diaper.

I open her diaper bag and started to look.

Then I started to dig.


Of all things I forget to stock the diapers for the baby!!

Luckily, I did find 2 of her diapers at the very bottom on the bag. I made that work.

I was very fortunate that the baby didn’t have crazy bowel movements that day (she has before) because in my mind I was already trying the figure out how I would make the toddlers diapers fit her. Haha :-p

I hope this lesson learned of mine helps someone else out there. In your diligence of making sure you have everything packed for an outing, don’t overlook the simple necessities. You know, like the diapers!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains 20160509_150828

2 thoughts on “Everything but the Kitchen Sink….and the Diapers

  1. Lindsay says:

    I have gotten to where I only keep a couple diapers for each kid in the diaper bag….and leave a handful in the car for when I forget to refill the diaper bag. 🙂 I have needed the “extra” ones from the car more times than I can count. What is bad is when I forget to refill the car & the diaper bag. Which reminds me….I need to put more in the car before we go to town today. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!


  2. That is a great idea, which I believe I’ll start doing now. I feel like I’m constantly dragging things to and from the car anytime we go somewhere. Thanks for sharing Lindsay. 😀
    And I’m glad I helped to remind you to restock the car. hehe


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