Spring Projects – Part I

Like most people, I tend to get caught up in the feeling that spring brings on. You know that feeling, the one that motivates you to start those projects you’ve been dreaming up all winter long.

This year is no exception for me. If anything, it has intensified since the birth of my second child in February. Now that I’m not pregnant and completely healed, I feel I can tackle anything. Well at least that’s the plan.

So here are my two BIG projects for the spring. I say big because I have a ton of smaller ones I hope to complete as well! First is starting, tending and (hopefully) harvesting from my first garden. I have never had what they call “a green thumb” but my hope is to overcome this impediment by forcing my thumb into the wonderful soil of my garden. 20160413_143738My wonderfully supportive hubby built us raised beds to plant our little garden.

Along with trying to gain my green thumb, my other goal with this garden is to teach our toddler more about the growing process/cycle of plants. I truly believe that the best way for children to learn is through a hands on process. Using all of your senses can strengthen the memory, plus build more curiosity and questions that will lead to more learning. 20160413_195432My husband is showing our son how to plant the seeds into the pods.20160413_200459

So with the help of a few “experts”, we have started our first garden. Hopefully when I post Part II of this blog series, you all will see a noticeable growth in these plants! ;-D 20160420_101842

20160502_122416My awesome father-in-law helped us plant our little veggie plants into the raised beds.

My second project is to create a natural (in nature) learning area for my kids. We have the standard play area (swing set with slide) in our backyard, which the kids love. My goal here though is to help foster a greater sense of discovery and learning through play in nature. In this area they can get dirty and be one with the outdoors. Exploring and experimenting is all up to them, using the “supplies” on hand (i.e.: twigs, rocks, mud, bowls, watering cans, etc.). There is much research on this method of learning, but simple put children Do learn when they play.20160502_141515

I may blog more on that subject as I learn and experiment more with it myself. For now I wanted to just share with you my project goal and initial plan. I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished in one day, thanks to some awesome neighbor friends that let me dig through their old barns and sheds! My toddler loves it so far and I can’t wait to share with you all how it has come along in my Part II blog.

There they are, my two BIG projects for this spring. Please share with all of us your spring projects from start to finish. You never know what might help motivate someone else to start a project. Until next time, best of luck to you all and your spring projects!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains

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