6 Simple Ways to Fit in Exercise

Since becoming a mom I have found it a challenge to fit in time to workout or get any kind of exercise in my day. This is coming from someone who used to work 2 to 3 jobs (before kids) and still fit in exercise. Not only did I feel like I didn’t have time but I also felt much more exhausted then I did in my fulltime job days. Kids take a toll on you in a whole new way then a typical job does. I love my kids and feel blessed to have this sense of exhaustion but I did miss my workouts.

I know many moms find time to workout earlier in the morning before the kids are up. If that time does work for you then go for it because it really is a great time to workout. This just doesn’t work for me. Mostly because when I get up my toddler wakes moments later. It doesn’t matter how quiet I try to be; I swear he has supersonic hearing! I realized that if I wanted to make sure I fit any kind of exercise into my daily life then I needed to get creative. On days the kids actually nap and I have no other chores I feel have to be done first (aka laundry, dishes, etc.) then I do workout videos or more structured, planned out routines. On days that doesn’t happen, I turn to one of these other 6 options that I have found fit into my day fairly simply.

I am sure at least one of these ideas can be implemented into your crazy mom schedule.

  1. Family walks after dinner – With the warm weather and longer evenings back, it is almost a delight to get outside. And right after dinner is often a perfect time. The temperatures have cooled down and you feel like you are working off that heavy meal. It is also the perfect time to catch up with your family’s day and to teach your kids the importance of getting exercise. 20160310_125148
  2. While the kids play on the playground – Okay mom, the kids are running around having fun so why shouldn’t you? Instead of sitting on the bench with your nose in a book or smart phone get up and play with them. You would be surprised how many calories you can burn by trying to keep up with those short legged yet speedy kiddos. If you would like more structured workouts while they play, there are many moms and fitness coaches that have posted YouTube videos of playground workouts. That’s where I have gotten most of my playground workout ideas.
  3. Play dates – Working out with other moms can make exercise more fun. Plus, then you have an accountability partner. You both can help motivate each other in your workout goals, while your kids play.
  4. While cleaning – You can really get creative here. I have done squats while washing dishes or folding laundry, lunges while vacuuming or sweeping, and even push-ups while I was on the floor picking up kid toys.    IMG_20151127_222331 Picking up and working out!
  5. While waiting for your kids at their after school activities – Instead of sitting on the bench or in the minivan get up and move. Take a walk around the ball fields or do an exercise routine in the parking lot.
  6. While watching tv – You are just sitting on your bum while watching tv, why not work your mommy multitasking skills here? If you prefer to not while watching the actual show then do some exercises during the commercial breaks. Even during a commercial break you could fit in a round of backwards push-ups with the couch, sit-ups, mountain climbers and any kind of plank move. IMG_20151113_232524 Planks during commercial breaks

It is important to remember that you do not have to workout for hours at a time for it to count. A ten minute workout routine or a 30 minute walk (a few times a week) will do wonders for your physical and mental health. I’m not a doctor or even a fitness coach but I can honestly say this has done wonders for me!

Alright moms, now that you have a few ideas on how to fit exercise into your day, get out there and do it! I’d love to hear back from you all with how one of these ideas worked for you or if you have other ideas that you have worked into your busy schedule. I look forward to your feedback. 😀


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