Back on Track

Well, sort of…

Hey all, I hope you have been well during my small hiatus. The last months of my pregnancy and these past few weeks post-partum have been something else. As most moms of multiples and even new moms know, it is hard to completely prepare for what your new normal will be. This is what I have been working on, trying to harness my new normal.

As I sit here writing this blog post, ignoring the mountain of dirty dishes and laundry to fold, there is a cute (just starting to smile) wide eyed seven week old beside me.  I know it is mostly still crazy hormones to blame but just looking over into those big blue eyes of my new daughter makes me tear up. I can’t believe I have been blessed with another sweet babe. I continually turn to her and promise her that I will always try and do my best for her and her brother.



That being said, I have started to realize that I also cannot forsake in doing the best for myself. Every fiber of my body and mind these last few weeks have been geared toward them. Yet, as the days go on I have found I’ve been missing someone…me. After listening to and reading messages from other moms, it has come to my attention that it is OKAY to take timeout for you. This helped squash (well at least temper) my feelings of guilt when wanting “me time”.

“Me time” doesn’t have to (but wouldn’t it be nice) be a week vacation without the kids but can simple mean a chance to go to the store by yourself, working out, getting a pedicure, catching up with friends, reading a book or even being able to sit in quiet to start your blog back. Whatever your “me time” looks like, take it! It is okay to ask for help; let a trusted family member or friend watch the kids.

Another piece of advice I’ve heard from other moms is to not let your marriage fall to the sidelines during these child-filled years. My husband travels for work, which means he is gone a lot through the year, so I feel I need to heed this advice even more so because our together time is already limited. My goal for his next time home is to have a date night or day (or even both).


(I believe this was taken on our last date. Sadly, that was June of last year. Oh my!)

I am slowly finding my way through this crazy and fun new adventure with a toddler and infant. There has been some trial and error in what kind of schedule and planning works best for us (I’m sure I’ll be blogging about that soon) but we’re getting there. This first blog, post 2nd baby, is my way of saying “I’m back” and ready to have you all join me on this ride.


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains

*Photo credit (for the black& white photos): Treasured Moments Photography

2 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. Patty Harper says:

    Yes, you need the time for yourself and or time with my son, without the children! You know that we will always be there to watch and baby sit both of them any time. We love you!


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