It’s A………………….

Last month, at our son’s birthday party, my husband and I announced that we are expecting our second child. It was tough to keep this secret for so long (15 weeks) but knowing we were going to have all our close family and friends in one place, at the same time, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Unlike my first pregnancy, this time I almost had to keep reminding myself that I was preggo. So now that everyone knows it’s easier to keep in the forefront of my mind. Especially, since I started showing much earlier this time. I had to wear lots of loose fitting clothes the two weeks prior to telling our loved ones.

We wanted to think of a fun way to announce it at the party so I found someone on Etsy (Zoey’s Attic) that made custom t-shirts for birth announcements. Our plan was for that to be our son’s last gift to open at the birthday party and watch everyone’s reaction as they read it. Let’s just say it didn’t quite go the way I had pictured it in my mind. But when do plans ever go as planned?? Nonetheless everyone figured it out, slowly and confusingly, by the time the party was over. It felt good to get the “good news” out. 🙂

DSC01285 - Copy

2015-08-25 19.49.41

One nice thing about waiting so long to tell everyone, there wasn’t much of a wait time between that and finding out the sex of our little bundle. We found out a short month later. I say short because technically it was but in my mind it was still an eternity.

I was asked by many what we were hoping to have. I honestly was able to say that I was good with either because I could see the great positives in both. If it’s a boy again, then I fell completely prepared. I have all boy things and felt comfortable with a boy since that’s what my first child is. Now if it’s a girl, there’s the excitement of something different and that wonderful experience of having one of each. So the morning came and I was surprised at how elated I was with the finding.

Alright, I’ll quit keeping you all in suspense. Our next little peanut, well technically it’s the size of about a pomegranate now (at 21 weeks), is a…………………………………………………

2015-09-24 12.14.27

2015-09-24 12.16.09

2015-09-24 12.16.54


A GIRL!!! We couldn’t be happier!

Let’s just say I’ve already started the pink shopping. 😉


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler Stains

P.S. – I look forward to sharing these next few pregnancy months with you all. Stay tuned for a few pregnant related blogs!

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