Coming Home

You know that feeling you get toward the end of a great yet long vacation? It’s that feeling of being ready to head home. That’s what September feels like to me, coming home.

I adore summer! I love the carefree and adventurous kind of days that come with it. Yet, by mid-August I start to long for “home”. That cozy, safe and “back to the swing of things” feeling that comes with the slowing pace of September and the upcoming autumn season.

Though the temperatures will start to drop, I internally start to warm. It may be because of approaching holidays and my wedding anniversary, the wool sweaters and blankets soon to be worn, chicken stews to be devoured or possibly the delightful pumpkin lattes that I can’t turn down. Whichever the reason, when I think of this kind of comforting warmth, I think of home.

This is my welcoming of a special month, new season and the start of another greatly appreciated homecoming.

I wish you all an amazing rest of September and happy Autumn season!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains


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