Fashion Friday – What to wear for the Fourth of July

There are many options as to what to wear on Independence Day, but the first question is, what are you doing for the Fourth? To be the most comfortable as possible it’s smart to dress for the occasion. I put together a few outfit ideas for different Fourth of July type events.                                                                                             20150420_145856 - Copy

  1. Cookout/House party – A Sundress is a perfect fit for a fun afternoon at a friend’s house. Most likely the festivities will be outside in the yard, so a sundress will keep you cool and breezy.
  2. Outdoor Concert – Most of these involve lawn chairs and blankets, so a pair of chinos or long length shorts may provide the most comfort. While you’re at it, why not throw on a red or blue top. 😉                                                                                20150703_153249
  3. Baseball game – Hello ball cap! Along with the all American blue jeans and t-shirt.
  4. Park and fireworks – Play clothes are great here. Pants and tops that are movable and breathable because you will probably be doing a lot of running around with the kids or toting them around on your shoulders.                  IMG_20140726_120548_836 - Copy

These are typical “good old” red, white and blue outfits. When it really comes down to what you should wear, it should be…..Whatever You Want! 😀 I do want to stress that you all remember to wear what is comfortable and what’s perfectly you! Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!!


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains

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