Fashion Friday

This week I thought I’d blog about how to wear something that I know all of you must have in your wardrobe, a white t-shirt. These ideas will help you pair your white t-shirt with other pieces you may already have in your closet.

5 ways to wear a white t-shirt this summer:

Tucked into a long or mid-length skirt – This look is not only comfy but can work for many occasions. Worn with sandals or flip flops make it casual enough for a day of errands. Throw on wedges and statement type jewelry and you’re ready for date night. Add a cardigan to make it more work/office friendly.

  Outfit 1 summer wht tOutfit 1 another summer wht t

Chinos with a warm weather scarf – I’ll I can say is simple, simple, simple. Play around with different colors and patterns here. Almost any shoe will work with this: sneakers, sandals, flip flops, flats or wedges.

Outfit 3 summer white t

Chambray (jean) shirt with skinny pants– Roll the sleeves up to form a ¾ sleeve. This one can be quite casual or a bit dressier; it depends on the way you accessorize and the pants you pick. I typically wear flats or a Tom type sneaker with this look.

 Outfit 2 summer wht t

Skinny jeans, heals and statement jewelry – Can you say girls night out? This is an easy and fun outfit for many settings. I showed a pair of neutral colored heels in the following photo but since this is a simple outfit you can easily add some pop by wearing colorful heels with it.             Outfit 4 summer wht t

Tucked into high-waist shorts – This one is a bit edgier, dare I say a tad hipster, but quite cute. I like to wear wedges with this look. When my hubby is not around I like to wear gladiator sandals with it. He hates those shoes! It’s cute how he has an opinion on some of the things I wear. 😉

Outfit 5 summer wht t

No matter what you pair your white t-shirt with, I implore you not wear it with a black or bright colored bra! Do I really need to explain myself?? LOL

Secondly, to all you guys, wearing our white t-shirt wet is not a look! Yea, I know how your minds work. :-p

Have fun with these ideas! Feel free to share other ideas and pics with us. 🙂


Plaid, Pearls and Toddler stains

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