Welcome to Plaid, Pearls and Toddler Stains blog!

I have wanted to start a blog for a few years but lacked the nerve and ambition to get started. It’s one thing to write, it’s another to share it with the world. That being said, I have found that after having my son, my modesty, unreasonable fear and procrastination of personal goals has gone out the window. Watching my little guy growing like a weed is just a big slap in the face as to how fast life happens and how I don’t want to miss out on a precious second of it.

Then – August 2013


Now – April 2015


Writing has always been a great passion of mine, even if it took me years to realize it. It has only been in the last five years that I’ve realized and pursued this love. Looking back over my younger years I see the love through constant journal keeping, poetry written, extra-curricular activities that were writing based, and the creativity to come up with the wildest of stories. That was me and still is to this day, just with a better sense of it.

So here I go, about to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences with all who are willing to read. Like most women, I have many interests, desires and life skills. This will help fuel my blogs along the way. I don’t like being bored and I’m sure readers feel the same. Keeping this in mind, I will be writing about many different topics; whatever happens to be on the tip of my tongue or in the forefront of my mind at that moment. I look forward to taking this ride with all of you!

Live with Plaid, Love in Pearls and Laugh at the Stains!



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